Muhammad Ali Abdul Razzaq Yousef Al-Mutawa

A social and educational consultant
general practitioner of social work in the field of family relations and problems related to childhood, adolescence and youth,
and a specialist in the field of people with special needs of all types of disabilities, especially intellectual disability,
a life coach and to connect the individual to understanding himself and what are his most important needs and education The foundations of overcoming social and psychological pressures, as well as developing life skills and introducing them to how to
pave the path of life and achieve goals The topic of homosexuality as a field research and was discussed with the students and received an
honorable mention for his theses in Instagram Live, seminar, and workshops on topics
(pedophilia – sexual education for children – sexual abuse of children – domestic violence – bullying and its psychological impact – feminists 2020 – honor killings – thought of atheism and suicide – gender identities)
Birth and upbringing
Muhammad Ali Abdul Razzaq Al-Mutawa was born on November 22, 1971 in Kuwait and is the youngest of his sisters.
Study and career
He graduated from Kuwait University in 1997 with a BA from the Department of Sociology and Social Work. He
studied and was influenced by some of the distinguished doctors who contributed to the refinement of his professional personality,
Dr. Bader Al-Issa (Former Minister of Education)
Dr. Abdul Wahab Al-Dhafiri (Head of the Kuwaiti Cultural Office in Washington)
Dr. Hammoud Al-Qashaan (Dean of the College of Social Sciences)
Dr. Siham Al-Qabandi (field training in special education schools)
a. Ibtisam Al-Qaoud (field training at the Social Evaluation House – former juvenile prison)
a. Muhammad Al-Duwaihi (field training in the psychiatric hospital, Al-Kurnik ward – Ministry of the Interior wing) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
He worked in the special education schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education in Kuwait – Hawally for 20 academic years, as he was the (first Kuwaiti social worker) in which he worked since the date of its establishment.
A social worker at the School of Intellectual Education Rehabilitation (Boys)
General Coordinator in Student Welfare Monitoring
Student housing supervisor for students and scholarship students from the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, who is dealing with the embassies of these countries to follow up on their students
A social worker at the educational workshops school (boys) for hearing and intellectual disabilities
What does he do now?
Member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Society for Social Service,
Chairman of the Career Advancement Committee
Provides social, psychological and educational counseling through office or telephone interviews
It offers various interviews through live Instagram or Zoom application to discuss various political, economic, social and psychological topics
A trainer for Kuwait University students for the field training course, through which students are taught and trained on the basics, techniques and skills of dealing with individual and collective cases and the development of local communities
Al-Mutawa’s vision:
Creating individuals in the community who are compatible with themselves, understand their needs, and can rise in giving to themselves, their families and their community.
The most prominent professional courses for the
treatment of drug addicts at (Abu Al-Azaim) Hospital (Arab Republic of Egypt – Nasr City)
Rapid Intervention in Crisis Resolution (Training and Development Center)
Community Contribution
A supervisor worked in the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters by participating in the summer program (How to Read) for three seasons (1999-2001)
with the aim of instilling the hobby of reading among Kuwaiti children and teaching them how to set up a private library for them. These programs were held in ( Writers Association – Sociologists Association
He has many media interviews in audio and video in various channels (governmental and private)
Contributed to the development of his perceptions in the establishment of the educational workshops school affiliated to the schools of special education of the Ministry of Education
Activist in human and women
‘s rights Activist in the rights of people with special needs
Activist in conservation of the environment
Activist in animal rights

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