About Mutawkw

About Mutawkw

▪ Name: Muhammad Ali Abdul Razzaq Al-Mutawa.
▪ Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Social Service (Kuwait University).
▪ Nationality: Kuwaiti.
▪ Al-Alsun languages: Arabic, English, French, Persian.
The work
The entity

Special Education Schools Administration

School of Intellectual Education Rehabilitation (Boys)

Monitor student care + supervisor of boarding housing for male and female students of scholarships

Al Warsh Educational School (Boys)

Training courses
Course name

Her place

Sign language (macton)

Kuwaiti Society for the Care of the Handicapped

Treatment of drug addicts

The Egyptian Arabic Republic

Violence among school students

Training and Development Center

Rapid intervention in crises resolving
Training and Development Center

Mental sport

The (Alehiaa and Elaymaa) Institute

• Workshops:
▪ Regional Conference Against Smoking and Cancer (Regency Palace Hotel).
▪ National Project for Awareness Against Drugs – Grasse (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
▪ Live your life without regrets and fear (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
▪ Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Al-Wafa Boys School).
▪ The art of dealing with a teenager (Community Development Center / Fintas).
▪ How to work with individuals and employ them in the educational process (Alahmadi Educational Zone)
▪ Organizing a seminar about the concerns of the social and psychological specialist (Al-Noor Boys School)

• Certificates of Appreciation:
▪ Thanks, and appreciation from the Technical Guidance of Social Service for the Participation in the Social Service day under the title (Disability and Challenge) 1998.
▪ Thanks, and appreciation from the Administration of the Intellectual Education Rehabilitation School (Boys) 1999.
▪ Thanks, and appreciation for participating in the 1998 International Day of the Disabled.
▪ Thanks, and appreciation for participating in the Special Education Week (The first) 1998.
▪ Thanks, and appreciation for participating in the Special Education Week (The second) 1999.
▪ Thanks, and appreciation from the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature for participating in the (How to Read) program over a period of three years 1999-2001.
▪ Thanks, and appreciation from Kuwait University students for vocational training in private education schools 1998-2002.

• Achievements and activities:
▪ Presenting introductory lectures about people with special needs in schools.
▪ Presenting introductory lectures at Kuwait University, College of Education (Girls) (Psychology course for people with special needs).
▪ Participation in several committees (treatment of behavioral cases).
▪ Covering numerous programs in the audiovisual media in the governmental and private sectors.

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